A Message from the BCDC Chair: Welcome 2021 and All it Promises!

Catherine Lalonde, Butler County Democratic Party Chair This past year has been a difficult one and we are all looking forward to better days. A major bright spot was the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The work of our committee members and so many motivated volunteers gave Butler County Democrats reason to be proud.

    It is important to realize that our work is ongoing. We have two elections every year, with 2021 being not an “off year” but a year for municipal offices, school boards and judicial positions, both in the county and state-wide. Democrats have not typically given these elections enough attention, but the people who hold these positions have a much more direct effect on our daily lives than those at state and federal level. It is critical that we remain fully active every year. That is how we will make gains.

    While we work on the 2021 elections, we will also be preparing for elections of a governor and senator, as well as state and congressional Representatives in 2022. Something that has become all too obvious in the past few years is that democracy cannot be taken for granted. The continuing actions of our elected representatives and the president himself are proof of this. Even more problematic is that millions of people support it.  Indeed, the nation has become so polarized that an alarming number of people would rather give up democracy itself than see a Democrat in power. This is a view cynically exploited by far too many Republican politicians.

The best way to combat this cynicism is with good messaging at every level. Polls have shown that Americans overwhelmingly support Democratic policies like affordable health care, a clean environment, a fair taxation system. But for far too long we have let the other side distort and mischaracterize Democratic positions. Some examples are ‘death panels’, ‘job killing regulations’, ‘class warfare’- and of course, ‘socialism’.   We now have the loudest voice in the room; the presidency. We at the county level have the opportunity, and obligation, to amplify and reinforce the President’s message in every corner of America.  

    We are ready to stand up for our values and restore the promise of America for all of its citizens. We can do this! but it is going to take a concerted effort from all of us to make it happen. Get involved, stay involved – join our committee, run for local office. There are opportunities for everyone.

Take pride in knowing you are serving our country. Proud to be an American. Proud to be a Democrat.

On behalf of the members of the Butler County Democratic Committee,

Chairwoman Catherine Lalonde

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