Democracy teeters as Republicans pledge allegiance to defeated president

It’s not your imagination. Our country is in trouble right now. 

It’s tempting to shrug off the Mike Kellys and Daryl Metcalfes of the country as lunatic fringe, looking to sue and rant and empty-threat their way into the right-wing hall of fame.

And it’s reassuring that in the courts, democracy has been a clear winner. Kelly and his Republican pals keep turning to the courts to undo the presidential election, only to get slapped down. At every level, in every jurisdiction, the sore-loser suits lose. 

And yet, Kelly filed another suit on Friday to steal your votes. It’s time he takes the flag off his truck and puts it in the attic with his football helmet and conservative principles.

In fact, the entire Republican party needs to turn in their flags. The party of small government and states’ rights has now become the party of federal takeover of state elections, voters be damned.

In their latest maneuver, a pack of anti-American Republicans, led by Kelly, asked the Supreme Court on Friday to declare unconstitutional PA’s Act 77 and its “no excuse needed” rule for residents to vote by mail.

Despite media headlines, our lawsuit is still alive,” he bellowed in a statement released Saturday.

Anyone who paid attention in high school history class knows the traitors have no case. But they are making an impact, and immediate intervention is needed by any good Republicans still standing. Now is their time to come off the sidelines.

“I have no doubt President Elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021,” said Catherine Lalonde, chair of the BCDC. “I would like to hear those words from our Butler County elected officials–at every level of government. Their denial of the election results sets a dangerous precedent and infects their followers with a distrust of the systems that this country was founded on.

“Around the country we are seeing violent responses to the election–physical threats on poll workers and government officials, talk of an uprising circulating throughout the internet. It must be stopped while it still can be.”

The BCDC wants to know what’s next? Is this the new Republican way to win elections: nuisance lawsuits, disenfranchisement, vote stealing? Mimicking the tactics of authoritarian regimes clinging to power is more than an electoral strategy. It’s betrayal of any allegiance they ever pledged to their country.  

Even without a court win, the cult-like message is winning with the election deniers. The proof: A Fox news poll found that 68% of Republicans think the election was stolen. And in a poll of U.S. House Republicans, 220 would not say that President-elect Biden won the election. Only 27 conceded that fact. 

It’s past time for all Republicans to face the mathematical reality that their candidate lost, set an example for their constituents, and embrace a peaceful transfer of power before it’s too late.

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