Samuel Doctor

Sam Doctor is a 29 year-old father and husband who works as a crane operator for AK Steel.

Sam grew up in a union household: his mother, who was one of the first women to ever work at the mill in Butler retired in 2013 after 36 years of service, and his dad will retired in 2019 with more than 20 years under his belt. Each of them served as union representatives at certain points throughout their careers at the mill. Though both strong conservatives, Sam’s parents engendered in him a respect for working people and an understanding of the importance of collective bargaining, which he believes is absolutely necessary for a well-functioning economy and a society that values the importance of hard work. Sam has also served as a union representative.

His political philosophy is simple.  He believes in truth, justice, and cooperation.

Sam believes that democracy works best when elected officials can be held responsible for their actions by their constituents. He is a life-long resident of the 11th District and has seen the impact that corruption has had in the commonwealth. He believes that the influence of lobbying groups and special interests in our political sphere needs to be reduced, that per diem abuse needs to end now, and that we need to end gerrymandering — the process through which elected officials choose their constituents, removing their constituents’ ability to choose their representatives. 

Sam is also an avid sportsman, and continues a tradition that has been passed down through the generations in his family. When he has time, he’s out in the woods and fields most mornings during hunting season. His experience with hunting has shown him the importance of responsible gun ownership.

Sam his very happily married to his best friend, Devin. They’ve been together since their junior year of high school. They live in Butler with their daughter, Evelyn; their two beagles, Tom and Dizzy; and their german shepherd, Jake. 

Their daughter Evelyn was born healthy and strong, but through a twist of fate a blood vessel in her brain began to bleed, which developed into a stage three intracranial hemorrhage, resulting in hydrocephalus and seizures which led to a VP shunt being placed. Thanks to the professionalism and excellent services offered by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Evelyn is now healthily and happily living with Sam and Devin. Her struggles have given Sam first-hand insight into the incredible programs our state offers and the importance of ensuring continued access to essential programs like early intervention, Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.


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