Butler County Democratic Committee Response to Daryl Metcalfe’s Impeachment Tantrum

This week, Representative Daryl Metcalfe filed five articles of impeachment to remove Governor Tom Wolf from office, citing his administration’s response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

A true servant of the people, Daryl insists impeachment is the only possible way to see justice done for the Commonwealth, given the governor’s actions have directly led to…let me check our notes, here…Pennsylvania being one of just three states in the country to experience a sustained decrease in COVID-19 cases.

Yep, we were just as confused as you. Until, that is, we remembered a key point about the Gentleman from Cranberry: he’s a man-sized toddler, always desperate for attention, and willing to do anything to get it.

But really, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, would a tenured, 22-year incumbent – fresh off of the embarrassment of being demoted (by his own party’s leadership!) from chairing the prestigious State Government Committee – throw an asinine temper tantrum just to get his mug back in the news?

In a Metcalfe Minute. 

You see, the secret to understanding anything Daryl does is to know that he’s never acting for his district – he’s acting for the cameras. Today, that means railing against the Wolf administration’s successes: those antics will undoubtedly net him more clicks on social media than doing his boring, old, taxpayer-funded job ever would. 

Deep down, we think he understands that his little stunt will fail spectacularly, but he doesn’t care. Submitting those articles lets him keep on starring in the one-man show in his head, “Daryl Metcalfe: Pennsylvania’s Toughest, Most-Freedom-Lovingest Legislator!” 

Slow your roll, Davy Crockett. Slow your roll.

Ultimately, what does this gross exercise in futility teach us about Little Daryl? That he’s only in this for himself. He doesn’t care about saving lives, safely reopening the economy, and certainly not about “protecting taxpayers.” 

Daryl couldn’t care less about any of us and we couldn’t care less about his phony impeachment hoax. Instead, we suggest doing what any parent does when facing a whiny, obstinate child. Ignore him.

Instead, support Daniel Smith Jr. for the 12th District at https://www.danielforpa.com/

Daniel is the grown-up who can put Daryl in permanent time-out as a state legislator.

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