[Butler, PA] — As of 11 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 6, four people were dead after an attempted coup in Washington, DC. Democracy hung on, barely.

The Butler County Democratic Committee condemns the Wednesday riots to avenge Donald Trump’s lost election, and the Butler County Republicans who helped fuel the attempted coup. This includes Congressman Mike Kelly and state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. These officials, and their many colleagues across the nation, have fanned flames of hate, violence, and victimhood since well before this election. After the carnage at the Capitol on Wednesday, Kelly, Metcalfe, and all election deniers should resign in shame, at the very least.

It’s not hard to track the mob violence back to the officials who refuse to accept Democratic wins.

Less than 24 hours before the MAGA army attacked the Capitol, Metcalfe called for just such a rebellion: “As our founding fathers fought and labored to birth a new nation of freedom, we must fight now to defend our land of the free from the leftists who have infiltrated all levels of our government!” he wrote on Facebook.  That day, PA Republicans refused to seat a legally elected Democratic senator because they disagreed with the results of his election.

And Kelly since November has refused to accept a peaceful transfer of presidential power, the bedrock of a stable democracy. With lawsuit after lawsuit, he challenged Trump’s loss. Kelly lost every suit, but succeeded in fomenting the kind of rage that led people to storm the capitol on Wednesday.

When rioters crashed through police barriers and rammed flag poles through windows of the center of power of this nation, Kelly, Metcalfe and those of their ilk were complicit. The rioters were sent to the building by Trump as the finale to a rally on Wednesday. But they boarded the buses to Washington with their flags and weapons and red-hot anger because they’d been told democracy would die if President-Elect Biden was certified as the winner of the election that day. And they’d been told it enough that they believed.

The Butler County Democratic Party believes Kelly and Metcalfe should step down and have their seats filled with true patriots. Democracy is safe, for now. To keep it so, we can never tolerate their kind in public office again.

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