Aaron Bernstine Must Resign: Press Release from the Butler County Democratic Committee

The Butler County Democratic Committee demands the resignation of Rep. Aaron Bernstine (PA-10th), who is clearly unfit to lead one 5-year-old, let alone a legislative district of more than 700,000 people. 
In his own videos, made public by USA Today on Wednesday, Bernstine can be heard:

 Encouraging his 5-year-old son to puff on a cigar.  “Hit it harder” and “breathe in,” he says when the 5 year old has not smoked vigorously enough
 Teaching that child that a vacation in Nashville means chasing “Cadillac [insert vulgar term for vagina].” Mysogeny taught young has staying power.
 Pushing another child to play a game called “FMK” that has the boy deciding if he wants marry, kill, or “F” Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert.
 Mocking a child for being one of “Jerry’s kids”—we’d appreciate Bernstine’s clarification of this comment

It’s all publicly accessible, the casually damaging words of this self-described family man. The Snapchat account to which he posted these videos has now been deleted. What haven’t we heard?

Bernstine can say he was joking, that these were private family moments, that it was all harmless fun, but none of these recorded comments are either harmless or fun, and none convey the moral leadership the residents of the 10th legislative district deserve.

Aaron Bernstine has no business making any decisions that affect children, women, or any citizen of the 10th district.
He must resign immediately.

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