A Message from the Chair: Elections are secure

A few comments on voting security:

We, the Butler County Democratic Committee, emphatically support our election bureau, postal workers, and poll workers in their commitment to free and fair elections.

Voting by mail in Butler County is safe for all, Democrats and Republicans, no matter what you hear otherwise. And if you watched the presidential debate on Tuesday, wow, did you hear otherwise. President Donald J. Trump’s torrent of attacks on voting by mail were unpatriotic and unconscionable, especially during a pandemic. Some of his comments during the debate were outright lies, and others were truths stretched beyond recognition, apparently intended to shake voters’ confidence in the foundation of this country’s electoral system.

Without repeating the lies, let us state that no ballots were ever sold by postal workers or dumped in a river. Election fraud is not rampant. Mail-in voting is not rigged. Millions of Americans voted safely and securely by mail in the primary election, and in many states, have done so for years. No proof of rampant voter fraud that we’ve heard about since 2016 has ever been documented.

Here’s one nugget of truth that indicates the need for proper staffing in election bureaus across the state: In the primary election, in Luzerne County, PA, 7 Republican ballots and 2 Democratic ballots were discarded for reasons still being investigated, but likely due to a mistake by a new contractor, according to federal investigators. That’s a tiny fraction of total ballots cast, and work is ongoing to rectify the problem.

Voting is a fundamental right and driver of democracy. Limiting the right to vote, and meddling with election results, are established tools of tyrants worldwide. It’s this simple: Butler County Democratic Committee wants everyone to vote. We want everyone’s votes to count. And we want other county leaders to stand up for this fundamental right along with us.

Will they?

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