Medicare for All Town Hall Meetings Planned in Western PA Congressional Districts

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Medicare for All Town Hall Meetings Planned in Western PA Congressional Districts
Local Groups to Build on Growing Support

Supporters of Expanded and Improved Medicare for All will hold Town Hall meetings in the 16th and 14th Congressional Districts in early May.

They seek to build on the growing nationwide public support for Medicare for All and strengthen the grassroots movement that is crucial to moving the issue forward in the upcoming Congressional elections.

The Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Physicians for National Health Program are coordinating the Town Halls to highlight the need for real health care reform. The Single Payer Advocacy Collaborative (SPAC), an ad hoc coalition of single-payer groups in western Pennsylvania is also participating.

“There is strong public support for the Medicare for All solution. Rising costs and reduced coverages continue to make healthcare a critical concern for citizens. We want to make Expanded and Improved Medicare for All a key issue in the upcoming Congressional elections in western Pennsylvania,” said Ed Grystar, Chair of the Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare. “Our town hall events will help educate and activate the public to get involved in their communities and the political arena.”

“Healthcare remains a very important issue for citizens in the 14th congressional district,” said John Thompson, a union representative with the United Electrical Workers who lives in the 14th district. “Maintaining affordable health insurance is one of the most difficult issues we face in contract negotiations. By adopting Medicare for All, we would no longer have to negotiate with employers over health insurance.”

“The US is long overdue in joining the rest of the industrialized world in providing healthcare as a basic human right,” said Lou Hancherick, a health care activist living in the 16th District. He added, “adoption of a Medicare for All health plan will move the US out of the health care Dark Ages.”

Dr. Ana Malinow, past national President of the Physicians for the National Health Program (PNHP) will present the fundamental principles of Medicare for All at May 5thTown Hall meeting. Currently she is a local pediatrician and recently helped organize the Pittsburgh chapter of PNHP.

“As a physician, I see daily the inefficiencies and inequities of our system of no-system. Despite outspending every other country, Americans do not live as well or as long. We all agree our health care system should be universal, affordable, accessible, comprehensive and just. Let’s invest in a system that a majority of Americans already support: Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.”

Dr.’s Judy Albert and Tony Fiorillo, members of PNHP, will present at the May 10 Washington, PA Town Hall.

Congressional candidates in the two districts have been invited to attend. HR 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for All remains the gold standard for such a program and currently has 122 cosponsors in the house of representatives.

Saturday May 5, 2018
12 Noon
My Brother’s Place
2058 Leesburg Grove City Road
Mercer, PA 16137
(16th CD)

Thursday May 10, 2018
Washington Citizens Library
55 South College Street
Washington, PA 15301
(14th CD)

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