They want guns for everyone! Message from CeaseFire PA

March 9, 2017 diana No comments exist
While everyone is focused on the horrible things happening in Washington, we wanted to make sure you don’t miss what’s going on in Harrisburg.
The gun lobby and their army of guns everywhere for everyone legislators are at work trying to make Pennsylvania a more dangerous place. There are several bills we want you to look out for:
  • Special Standing/expanded preemption, also known as Sue Our Cities, is back
  • A Bill to eliminate PICS, PA’s background check system, is coming
  • Allowing guns in schools — that’s right, they want to arm our kids’ teachers
  • Elimination of concealed carry licenses, so anyone who can own a gun can carry one concealed
  • Expansion of stand your ground, also known as shoot first
We’re proud to have you fighting with us.

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